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  • Need recovery or repairs and a replacement car?

  • Worried about risking your No-Claims-Bonus?

  • Don't want to pay policy Excess Charges?

We're a free service to help you through an accident.



If you have been involved in a road-traffic accident that was not your fault, Crimson Drive Accident Management is here to provide you with comprehensive credit hire and credit repair service. We take away the inconvenience you will be experiencing in this situation, ensuring you remain mobile at what is often a distressing time.

If a driver involves in a not at fault accident and considers innocent, meanwhile Accident Management certain of success, they provide a replacement car if required, manage repair, recoverystorage, personal injury, loss of use, loss of earning and inspection. later on, they collect all these damages values from the third-party.

The innocent driver would not be liable for any cost. They try to mitigate costs as much as possible because the third party's insurance company would challenge every penny.

All the leading Claims Management are the UK’s Accident Management Company striving exceptional service for both private customers and corporate clients following an accident.

Free help and assistance

No insurance excess to pay

No cost to you

Nationwide coverage

Replacement vehicle car or bike

Repairs Practical advice

Total loss avoidance

Repair Services

Through our national repairer network.
We can arrange for your vehicle to be promptly assessed and repaired back to manufacture standard & ultimately keeping your vehicle 100% genuine.

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A full comprehensive post accident management service

No insurance excess to pay

Keeping your insurance record/history clean

Keeping your no claims bonus protected

Free & Instant Advice

Call our expert team 24/7 for free no-obligation professional advice. Our team will be able to support you through the whole process of dealing with a car accident.

Start Your Claim

We deal with the insurance companies. We'll also arrange a like-for-like courtesy car for you, which will usually be with you the same day.

Vehicle Repaired

We will recover your vehicle and deal with the repairs process for you. If the vehicle is written off, we will handle the write-off claim on your behalf.

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Road traffic accident claims are our forte; we are confident of being superior to our peers in this field! If you’ve been involved in a road traffic accident as a driver, passenger, pedestrians, cyclists or a biker, we can help
Our advice is free, and always on hand; if you are ever involved in an incident, we recommend that you carry out the following steps:
  • Park up in a safe place if need be
  • Call an ambulance/police if required
  • Write down the registration, make and model of the other vehicle
  • Get details from the other party including names, phone number, insurance details and address
  • Take details of any witnesses
  • Don’t admit liability or discuss it with the other party
  • Call us the first chance you get.
  • Access to 150,000 vehicles
  • National Repair Network
  • Vehicle Manufacturer and BS10125 approved repairers
  • Ensure insurance premiums and no claims bonus are not affected for non-fault
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Customer Portal

If you’re calling immediately after a road-traffic accident,

RTA Vehicle Recovery

We go far beyond the standards offered by most insurers

Like-For-Like Replacement Vehicles

You can count on us to handle contact with your insurer.

Contact with Your Insurer


  • A similar, or better, replacement to your own-even if you are only Third Party Insured, or your car is a write-off !

  • Pay no policy excess- we claim directly off the other insurers, so you don't pay your insurance excess.

  • Main dealer, or your own repairer- safeguard the value of your car.

  • We get forecourt values for your vehicle-even if you have Motor Trade cover

  • We file your claim directly with the other insurers, we handle all the paper work & claim admin.

  • Cash on lieu of repair option, if we handle your injury claim.

  • Our associate solicitors will not only pursue your injury claim, but deal with all other aspects of your car claim.


We deliver a fully insured motorbike to your home. If your bike is still ok to use, we will arrange a replacement for when yours goes in for repairs. Also, if your motorbike is a write off, we will supply you with a replacement until you have been paid out.


The solicitors will also claim for damaged rider gear; typically helmets, boots & protective clothing. They will claim for these as part of your injury compensation claim.


If required, we will recover your damaged bike back to a secure compound. A crash damage engineer will examine it & prepare a report on the repairs needed, or evaluate the pre-accident value, if it is not repairable.


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