Taxi Firms


If you’re a taxi driver or the owner of a taxi company, we understand that time off the road means loss of income, and we know how serious that can be for your business. If you’re involved in a car accident that isn’t your fault, don’t panic. We’ll handle everything for you, from the moment you contact us, until the moment your claim is settled and you’re back on the road.

Time is of the essence, so with one call to us, we’ll deal with your taxi accident claim and look after any repairs, replacement vehicles, policy excess, personal injury compensation, loss of earnings and out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Driving Schools


We understand the problems an instructor would face if their vehicle is off the road following an accident that wasn’t their fault. We are able to provide a replacement dual controlled vehicle to ensure you are able to continue your business and your learners are not inconvenienced. Whenever possible we would try and provide a like for like replacement as we understand the importance of learners using a vehicle they are familiar with.

Insurance Brokers


We know that one of your main concerns as an insurance broker is customer retention. We also know that the level of service experienced when making a claim has a direct influence on policy renewal for your clients.

That’s why we’re so confident that if you work with us, your customers will be happy and your renewal rates will increase.

Just one call, that’s all it takes.

Insurance Company


We are happy to look at ways to provide mobility solutions to meet the needs of your business, especially when there is a need for a specific type of vehicle.

We are able to supply prestige, 4×4, dual control, MPV and Taxis at agreed daily rates, delivered to the client at a time and place to suit them.



At Crimson Drive Accident Management, we want to make sure that our own customers have access to the best vehicle repair network in the country. For reputable body shops, that present a huge opportunity to generate regular work and establish a reputation for excellence through us.

By joining our credit repair scheme, you’ll enjoy low management fees, standard 30-day payment terms and enhanced labour rates for PAS 125 Accredited Repairers.

We manage the claim.

You repair the vehicles. Simple.

Just one call, that’s all it takes.

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Accident Compensation Claims

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